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  1. We will check on the availability or potential availability - (DSL is never guaranteed from any carrier until your receive confirmation) of your desired services, and contact you back with the results (please provide a telephone number or email address which you can readily be contacted at).
  2. Secondly, you decide which service you would like from the options available, and
  3. lastly, we place your order with the appropriate carrier. Please note that we do not provide you with dates or information, This information will be communicated to you directly from the carrier either per email or per postal mail. If you receive forms to sign or any other correspondence you do not understand, let us know.

Generally the entire procedure for complete new connections will take between 6-20 work days. Upgrades to existing services are handled by all carriers typically within a couple of days. Please note that relocation is considered a new service and takes the standard time for setup.

Very important note regarding moves.... If you are under contract with any company, and you are moving, you must notify your current company and allow them to attempt the move. If for some reason they cannot provide service at the new location, then you can legally terminate your contract with no penalty. If you simply move and signup for some new service, your old carrier is justified in charging you the full remainder of contract.

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