Your one stop "complete" services manager.

We pride ourselves in making your life simple. With one stop we can help you get up and running with all your communications needs.

Whether you are in need of a new phone line, you want to change your present phone carrier, you simply want to place inexpensive phone calls, or you need dialup, DSL or cable internet Services, there are plans for all these needs. Do you wish to combine bills from different companies and one simple monthly payment...

We do all of this, and the best thing everything is in your language.


Since 1995, we have been proving high quality service to the American, Nato and German communities throughout Germany. Today, we are a lot more. To date we have served almost 35000 soldiers and their families.

Since our services are handled online, via telephone or email we can service you no matter where you may live.

If you desire or need direct personal contact, feel free to stop by

The CommShop
Ziegelhütte 2
66877 Ramstein
Just off-base
Tel: 06371-60753 / Fax: 06371-60754
The friendly folks at the CommShop are contracted by us to support you in person.